An Ode to Bocas’ Super Gourmet

Super Gourmet in Bocas del Toro is the premiere grocer on Isla Colon, with an extensive selection of health foods, natural products and delicious treats. It is a must stop for anyone visiting Bocas del Toro. This colorful Caribbean style mini market can be found on Main Street, Isla Colon, almost across from the ferry dock. As travellers we are always looking for things we can take home to remind us of our experience, and here you will find a variety of locally produced goods and treats for your friends and family back home.

I am a hot sauce fanatic, so anywhere I go I have to try the local flavor- and luckily Bocas del Toro is Panama’s hot sauce capital, home to what I believe are the best hot sauces in Panama. Needless to say, I was like a kid in a candy shop here with Super G’s selection. From Your Killing Me Mon’ to I Be a Bitch, these locally produced bocatoreño hot sauces were just what I wanted to kick it up a notch. I even ordered a sub from the deli, and when it was finished I cracked open a bottle of hot sauce and loaded it up.

By the way- their deli is pretty epic. Made right in front of you with the best quality of imported cheeses, fresh vegetables and baked breads, I thought I was being teleported to some little chic grocery store on a California hillside; but no, I was still on this island paradise. I got to build my own sub and dress it just the way I wanted. By that I mean filled with fresh veggies and, of course, more hot sauce than most can handle.

Super Gourmet carries a few different locally made cacao products. What is cacao you ask? Cacao is the building block of chocolate, and the province of Bocas del Toro happens to also produce an abundance of this chocolate gold. Some even say that the best chocolate in Panama is made right here in Bocas. Oreba (means chocolate in the local indigenous dialect), Island Cacao and Dorothy’s Own produce some wonderful organic chocolate bars, cacao nibs, raw baking powers and sweet treats. These rad little snacks are packed with energy, and enough caffeine that you may not need that second cup of coffee. I load up every time I am there so I can have my daily sweet fix. All of these are beautifully wrapped and make a perfect gift for family and friends back home.

Have dietary specific needs? Super Gourmet carries those specialty items to keep your diet plan in place. From vegan no-GMO products to kosher, milk substitutes and organic veggies, Super G will help you keep your dietary routine while visiting the islands. I was able to get kale, spinach, and some fresh apples to make my power smoothie and keep me surfing all day. Just about every Friday Super Gourmet receives a shipment of fresh veggies from Finca Santa Marta located on the mainland, in the lowlands of the Chiriqui province. They bring a variety of veggies and goods, including kale, arugula and some varieties of hydroponic lettuce. They come fresh from the farm and are exactly what the doctor ordered. If your hotel room or vacation rental has a kitchen choose Super Gourmet as your veggie stop of choice.

There are also many body and natural products to be found in Super Gourmet. Everything from natural coconut oils to face scrubs and most importantly for me bug spray. The best thing I found here was the natural bug spray. I get annihilated by sand flies that I can’t even see, but I found a spray from Pure Tree Products that did wonders for me. I try and stay away from DEET and other harmful insecticides, so this all natural repellant was the trick. And even my girlfriend loved the smell. Who knew that bug spray could smell good? Check out the gift packages available to take back home with soaps, shampoos, lip balms and more.


If you’re looking for something to take home or something sweet to grab while staying in Bocas make sure to pay a visit to Super Gourmet- you won’t regret it!


Written by Daniel Jorgensen. Content and travel writer living in Bocas del Toro. Contact me [email protected] or phone +507 6368-6878

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