Mono Loco Surf School: More than ‘Just another surf school’

By Joan Bergmans

Our Story

WOW! What an adventure it’s been so far! Mono Loco Surf School opened his doors in January 2012. With the help of our sweet friends and family we managed to start a business we love. Our surf team consist of 3 passionate surfers. Hannes Melis from Belgium, Juan David from Panama and Joan Bergmans from Holland. We all have one dream in common, sharing our passion for surfing with others.

With our degrees and experience in Tourism, Marketing and Sports Management we became a solid team and started to set up Mono Loco Surf School. The most important thing, on the top of our list, was and still is quality. Good boards, international certified teachers who are also fully trained as lifeguards, a relaxed location for an informative and extensive theory class, lycra surf shirts for recognition in the water and skin protection.

We decided not to be “just another surf school”, we wanted all our upcoming students to be able to enjoy a full “surf experience”. Mono Loco Surf School was born.

Our Product

We teach and educate our students about ocean safety; currents, dangers, what to do in certain situations, surf etiquette; all international surfing rules, nature; what creates waves, different winds, underwater life, different ocean bottoms and breaks and how to be a healthier and better person by taking care of your body, nature and others. All courses and individual classes are informative and FUN. We teach all levels and all ages, from kids to adults. Classes can be given in English, Dutch, French, German or Spanish.

Our Surf Mission

All our students can continue their travels and/or life journeys with the right basic knowledge about surfing in mind. This way they are able to enjoy surfing worldwide and educate and inspire others along the way.

In Bocas del Toro we have an official surf season from November to March. During the off-season months we are still open for the good summer swells that pass by, information, board rental or a chat.

We’re proud of what we’ve started and can’t wait to inspire more and more people in the years yet to come. Surfing has changed our lives; we’re ready to change yours!!

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  1. Snake, 12 years ago

    Sooner or later I´m gonna show up in Mono Loco surf school ;))

       -   Reply
  2. anke van rijswijk, 12 years ago

    Having a great experience with the Mono loco surf school.
    We thank Juan David, Hannes and Joan for their hospitallity beiing with them.
    And I had the possibility to learn a lot of the ocean, winds and waves and also a little bit of surfing, even on my age of 58.
    We are sure we will be comming back.

       -   Reply

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Office: Building Vista San Cristobal, 1st Floor, Office #1, South Avenue, Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama
Email: [email protected]