Walk to the Beach: 5 Closest Beaches near Bocas Town

Here are the five closest beaches from Bocas Town. Bocas Town, the capital of the Bocas del Toro province, is a small bohemian town but is also the center of everything- hotels, restaurants, nightlife, tour operators and much more. Most tourists end up staying in Bocas Town. All of these Bocas del Toro beaches are less than 15 minutes from Bocas Town.

Big Creek, Isla Colon

Big Creek is a 5 minute taxi ride out of Bocas Town on Isla Colon. After passing Playa Tortuga you will reach the beginning of this beach. The white sand, palm trees for shade, and clear calm water is a perfect place for swimming and hanging out.

Pukalani Hostal offers kayak and SUP rentals and is located on a few minutes up the beach.

Playa La Y-Griega

Even closer to Bocas Town is the small beautiful beach of Playa la Y-Griega. The beach is located right on the crossroad on Isla Colon that leads to Boca del Drago and Bluff. This small white sand beach is great for just relaxing. Closer to town is the Smithsonian where a small gentle wave breaks, perfect for beginners.

Playa Punta Carenero

Also called Playa Kent because of the large property right on the beach, this is a popular place with fun snorkeling, surf and lots of activities. Bibi’s on the Beach offers SUP and kayak rentals, as well as surfing lessons. This beach is full of backpackers from the nearby hostels.

Playa Istmito

The first beach right outside of Bocas Town this is one of Isla Colon’s closest beaches. On sunny days it can be super clear and very beautiful. There is also volley ball games and beach soccer (football) games. This beach is easy to walk to from most hostels in Bocas Town.

Bluff Beach

The farthest option, Bluff Beach is a 15 minute taxi ride from Bocas Town. One of the favorites in Bocas del Toro, Bluff Beach has 7 kilometers of beautiful golden sand and some of Panama’s strongest beach breaks for surfing in Bocas del Toro. Check out the Bluff Beach Lounge, it has great food, delicious drinks, the surf right out front is world class and if its flat its absolutely stunning. Perfect beach for day trips on bikes.

Tips While Visiting Bocas del Toro Beaches

  1. Make sure to always have someone watching your things. Do not leave anything alone on the beach.
  2. If you see waves, be careful where you decide to go swimming. For most of the year the majority of the beaches on Isla Colon facing Carenero/Isla Bastimentos are going to have waves whereas beaches facing in towards other islands or mainland are going to be calmer. Watch out for riptides and currents.
  3. Take your trash with you. Even if there is a trash can, take it with you. Most trash is picked up only once a month at the beaches so it builds up. Wind carries trash to the beaches and is harmful to wildlife.
  4. Don’t drive cars or 4 wheelers on the beaches. Bocas del Toro is a nesting ground for sea turtles. Cars and motor bikes threaten their nesting grounds and reduces the chances of the eggs in hatching.
  5. Have fun! Bocas del Toro has some of the best beaches in all of Central America. Take your time to visit as many as you can– its our biggest attraction!

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