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When going on vacation with a group, whether it be friends, family or associates, the first order of business is finding the appropriate lodging. In the past the only viable option has been multiple hotel rooms which tend to lack ample space and an area to cook. Recently, more and more rental homes have come onto the market and they are available at better rates and boast better amenities than hotel rooms. Some of the positive aspects of renting a house for your vacation include a more peaceful atmosphere, more privacy, extra space and the ability to prepare meals for your entire group.

All of our rental homes come equipped with full kitchens with everything you need to cook a meal for your entire group. By preparing meals rather than eating out 3 times per day clients can save alot of money on a daily basis. Although eating out is one of the joys of vacation, it is also very costly to eat out every single meal, especially if you are taking an extended vacation. By deciding on renting a vacation house, clients are saving large amounts of money that can be spent on tours, activities or longer vacations!

Another reason many people are switching to vacation homes is due to the amenities that rental homes offer such as on-site laundry, more space for guests, privacy and a more peaceful atmosphere. Laundry machines can be found in almost all vacation rentals and this amenity helps lower the high cost of using laundromats to wash your clothes. The extra space is great for groups as there is more room to relax in a peaceful environment, rather than being right on top of each other like hotel rooms.

There are many reasons that vacation rental homes have been gaining popularity over the last few years. Most notably is the substantial price reduction in extended stays. Those who want to get away for more than a few days can get great price reductions never seen before in the hotel industry. In many cases, you can get a house for a month for the same you would pay for a hotel room for two weeks! These types of savings, along with the ability to cook, the extra space and the great amenities, are making vacation rental homes the popular place to stay for vacations!

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