You know that you live in Bocas when…

…it’s 10 am and you desperately need a 2nd shower

…you vaguely remember being scared of lizards and cockroaches once upon a time

…you don’t bother wearing mosquito repellent or moisturizing lotion anymore

…you randomly forget what season it is until your Facebook friends post pictures of snow

…you stop referring to seasons as winter, spring, summer and fall, and start calling them surf season or low season

…you are surprised at how white some people can be

…you are wearing headphones at work in order to concentrate, because the neighbor is sharing their music with the entire block

…you start pointing with your lips

…when you laugh out loud at questions about high speed internet or reliable electricity

…you are grateful and relieved for having water and electricity in the morning

…you are happy when it rains (and secretly wish for rain)

…get excited to go to a large supermarket on mainland, and admire every item as if you were at a museum

…you put spicy sauce on everything

…(for ladies) you stop caring about your physical appearance, and stop wearing makeup, heels or doing your hair unless you really really have to (like when you go to mainland)

…(for guys) you stop shaving and virtually let every bit of hair on your body grow wild

…it makes you smile when people ask about the weather

…you stop being on time

…you can see crabs racing on the runway while taking off

…you take empty beaches for granted, and get disappointed when you see more than 3 persons in the same 100 meter radius

…you regularly forget to watch the news, and find that you don’t really know what’s going on in the world

…spending money on quality accessories means having good shades or a nice surf board

…you adopt a stray dog

…you simply cannot live anywhere else anymore, because Bocas is awesome!

Written by Evelyne Meyer, Language Travel Consultant at Habla Ya Spanish Schools and in love with Bocas del Toro

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  1. Elaine DeLany, 7 years ago

    0H, YEAH! All true!

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