3 Reasons NOT to miss the Bocas del Toro Carnival

From March 1st till March 4th the Caribbean destination of Bocas del Toro, Panama will fill with diablitos, visitors, artisans and lots of color when the carnival festivities takes over the streets and beaches. People from all around the world come to Bocas del Toro to enjoy this unforgettable party! Are you going to miss it? We sure hope you don’t, and if your still not sure, here are 3 reasons NOT to miss the Bocas del Toro Carnival Celebration:


Beaches Bocas del Toro photo by Gurnir.com

1. Beaches, beaches, and more beaches: Sure there are beaches all over Panama but few can compare to the ones here in Bocas del Toro! Beaches like Red Frog Beach, Bluff Beach and Starfish Beach fill up with visitors from around the world and fun activities. You can find BBQs on the beach, fried fish with that Caribbean flavor we love so much, and music to dance to. But then, if you want to get away from the people and be one with the beach and nature no worries– take a few steps up the coast and you can find quiet little sections all to yourself.


2. Parties, parties, partiessss: Believe it or not Bocas del Toro hosts some of the HOTTEST beach parties for Carnivals in Panama. Beautiful women and men meet up at over-the-sea bars with natural Caribbean swimming pools sipping on cold fruit cocktails while listing to live DJs and music. As the night progresses the music gets more intense transforming into crazy parties. Some of the most popular parties are Casa Animal, known to be the wildest party in Bocas. Aqua Lounge, located across on Isla Carenero also hosts a super fun party with invited DJs, amazing views and much more.



3. Bocas Town festivities: The center of Bocas Town becomes the epicenter of the entire party. From the morning you can show up, dance to the live performances and get wet as large trucks full of water hose the crowd down while you enjoy your drink. No worries if the drink runs out, just go to the nearest kiosk and get a refill. And if it gets tiring, jump on a boat to the nearest beach.

So what are you waiting for?



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